Find new techniques for dealing with Parkinson's disease in your daily life... tapping into community-based knowledge by over 300 patients and almost 30,000 unique opinions!

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What is PDCareBox?

PDCareBox helps you find self-care techniques to deal with Parkinson’s disease in your daily life. The techniques have been contributed by PD patients and their caretakers all over the world.

How to use?

Use the sliders below to select the criteria you want the techniques to follow. The techniques will be shown after pushing the "Discover best matches" -button. You can reset the selected criteria by clicking the "Reset criteria" -button.

Select at least one criteria to find techniques. The criteria will only be applied to the search if the slider has been moved.

What do the results mean?

The shown techniques will be the ten closest matches based on the criteria selected below. The closeness is calculated by matching your desired criteria to the assessment data donated by hundreds of patients and their caretakers.

Please first discover self-care techniques using the tool below and then take an online questionnaire to help develop the tool to better serve the community:

Answer the questionnaire!

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In general, how affordable is this technique?
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